Profiles contain all the information in Fuseworks about a person or organisation. At a glance you’ll see:


Check out the contact details on their profile to find out how to get in touch with a person or organisation. There’s also other handy information such as links to websites and social media profiles.

They’re fairly similar but there are a couple of types of profiles:

People profiles – You’ll see the their job title, the organisation they work for, their contact details and all their content in Fuseworks. Some examples of the types of people who have profiles in Fuseworks are journalists, communications professionals, politicians, experts and commentators.

Organisation profiles – You’ll see a description of the organisation, contact details, all their content in Fuseworks and the people who work there. The types of organisations who have profiles in Fuseworks are media publications, businesses, political parties, advocacy groups and not for profits.


Switch between the ‘People’ and ‘Content’ tabs to see more profile information. Under the ‘Content’ tab you’ll see:


Graph – The interactive graph shows you the volume of content from the person or organisation. You can filter the content by adjusting the timeframe on the graph, just click and drag to select a specific timeframe on the graph and watch the graph redraw and the content update.

Profile search – Use the search to find an article or topic from just that person or organisation.

  • You can follow news coming from a person or organisation, so when they put out a media release, advisory or publish a new article, you’ll get it. The ‘Follow’ button is in the top right corner of the profile overlay.




The ‘People’ tab has names and contact details for the key people who work at the organisation. At a glance you’ll see their main contact details and you can click through to their profile so you can see all the other information.

  • If you’re looking for someone you can use the filter to search for them in the list by their name or job title.



Add a profile to your distribution lists (with News distribution add-on only). Click on ‘Manage lists’ to see the lists the profile is already on and add them to others. If any contact details change your distribution list will be automatically updated. Here’s how to create your own distribution lists.



Headline lists – There’s a link to the source under each headline, for example ‘TVNZ’, ‘Jan McCarthy’ and ‘New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)’.


Article pages – There’s a link to the profile from the ‘Source’ info on the article page. For example ‘Jan McCarthy’ and ‘New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA)’.


Search – You can use search to look up the profile of a person or organisation. Find out more on how to search for and export profile details.

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