News feeds are an additional feature you can use to publish content in Fuseworks directly onto your website or intranet. To utilise this feature please contact your account manager for the technical specifications and pricing.

You choose how the feed looks and functions on your website or intranet, here are a few simple examples:

You can set up search criteria to automatically publish all matching content or you can use folder tools to manually select the articles you want displayed.

Here’s how you manually select articles.

Step 1 – Go into a folder or run a search.

Step 2 – Tick the checkbox to select the articles you want to add to your site or intranet.

tick box

  • If your newsfeed is on your public-facing website we recommend you only include news that can be accessed by anyone e.g PR material (‘Public version’), online new and blogs (‘View original’) and avoid linking to news that’s behind a paywall, broadcast digests and print newspaper articles (e.g. ‘Shareable version’).
  • Use the Shift key to select a range of articles. Tick the checkbox to select the first article, hold down the Shift key, scroll down and tick the last article. This will also select all the articles in between.

Step 3 – Click ‘Copy’ to keep the articles in the current folder and select the folder linked to your website or intranet.

copy to newsfeed

Step 4 – Click ‘Deselect’ to untick all the articles you have selected.

  • Next to ‘Deselect’ there is a count of the articles you’ve selected.
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