Occasionally you may have additional content you want to include in your newsfeed or reports from an overseas website or niche publication. Here’s how you can add it to Fuseworks:

Step 1 – Click to expand ‘Reports’ on the left-hand navigation, click ‘Add news’ and choose ‘Newspaper clipping’ or ‘Online news’.

‘Add news’ will be directly on the left-hand menu if you don’t have ‘Reports’.

Step 2 – Enter all the information for the article:

Headline – The headline goes in the grey bar at the top. It’s a required field so it’s highlighted in red.


Content type – Check the correct type of content is selected from the ‘Content Type’ drop down. For example Media / Newspaper, Media / Online or Media / Blog.


Date – The date will be pre-populated with today’s date. If the article you’re adding is older change the date and time to when it was published.


Article URL – If the article is published online put in the URL so the link will be in your reports. The Article URL field will only show if you have selected Media / Online or Media / Blog.


Content body – Enter the content of the article. We recommend using the intro text of the article or a brief description. Make sure you include the appropriate keywords so the article will be added to the right folders automatically for you and so you can easily find it using search.


Step 3 – If the article isn’t published online you’ll need to upload it. Click the ‘Add attachment’ link and find the image of the article you want to attach (e.g. a screenshot or scanned image of a newspaper article). Once you’ve selected the attachment it will be added to the article. Tick ‘Use as headline link’ so the headline in your report or newsfeed will click through to the file you’ve just uploaded and others can view it.


Step 4 – Next you’ll need to change the source from yourself to the publisher of the article. Click into the ‘From’ field and start typing the name of the publication. If the publication is in Fuseworks, select it from the drop down box. If the publication doesn’t come up it may need to be added for you – contact support@fuseworks.co.nz.


Step 5 – Click ‘Create article’ and you’re done. The button only appears after you’ve entered the required fields highlighted in red – the headline and the content body.

  • Anyone in your organisation will be able to view the content you’ve uploaded – it may appear in folders or scheduled reports.

Ta da! Here’s what the article looks like once you’ve saved it:

  • You can manually add or remove the article to and from folders by typing the name of the folder in the box, or clicking the ‘x’ to remove it from a folder.
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