2021 – Year in Review

2021 year in review

At Fuseworks, 2021 was all about customer-driven enhancements and new features. All parts of the product got some love – both to improve popular features and add new ones. Some of the changes we were most excited about in 2021 included: Author extraction: The ability to track (and report on) who is writing about the topics you care about was … Read More

Rounding out the print newspaper add-on

Since 2015 Fuseworks has helped our customers track what’s being said in New Zealand print newspapers, via content agreements with the country’s biggest publishers – NZME and Stuff. The reach of NZME and Stuff across NZ is impressive, but there’s a fiercely independent slice of Aotearoa whose main publications aren’t part of either group. This week, we’ve added a number … Read More

Arohatia te reo: NZ media cherish the language


2020 was a year dominated by a single story to a degree we’ve never before seen. Covid-19 saturated the news agenda, appearing in more than a third of all stories tracked. Beneath those headlines a more subtle change continued inching forward – the use of te reo Māori to help carve out a uniquely New Zealand sound and feel for … Read More

2020 – Year in review

Crazy year, right? 2020 was a year both like no other – and exactly like every other for Fuseworks. News happened, we tracked and analysed it. A little more remotely than usual, with a few more OMG moments – but the wheels kept turning for us and our customers – without interruption. Covid proved to be an unplanned stress test … Read More

Report builder: Visualise your media insights

Compare topics chart

For people who love insight, but hate spreadsheets. Are you filled with dread at the thought of sprawling spreadsheets? You aren’t alone… odds are you’re either a words person or a numbers person! Even if you’re a number crunching wizard, when you need to switch between visualising different types of data or time periods, things can quickly get unwieldy. It … Read More

New partnership to power smart, immediate news analysis for Kiwi organisations

Fuseworks + Truescope

Global industry leader joins Fuseworks board Partnership to deliver ‘ground up rethink’ of analysis tools available to Kiwi organisations Fuseworks will begin introducing the new toolset to its customers in the coming months. Homegrown news tracking firm Fuseworks Media has partnered up with industry leader John Croll to tackle communicators’ biggest problem – identifying what matters, and how much it … Read More

2019 – Year in review

The last year has seen huge change in New Zealand media – major paywall initiatives, challenging conditions for news outlets, continuing shifts in how people get their news – and more innovation in how stories are presented. It’s a transition that’s been less jarring for us than for others, because it’s the media future that Fuseworks was designed for. One … Read More

Paywalls: BusinessDesk and an evolving Kiwi media

TL;DR Fuseworks is now indexing businessdesk.co.nz and surfacing relevant story links in customer reports… If you work in a prominent New Zealand organisation you probably know about BusinessDesk. In its own words “it’s been reporting the New Zealand political economy and the fortunes of its listed and unlisted businesses since 2008, when two of New Zealand’s most experienced business journalists, … Read More

Social monitoring, minus the clutter ?

Social media monitoring is now available via Fuseworks. It’s probably a little different than you’re used to – and we’d like to think it’s at least 50% less silly: ❌ Trolls, Kim Kardashian wannabes, oversharers and single-follower Sams ? Greater insight, clarity and perspective on the big issues of the day We’ve all been there – ‘social is where it’s … Read More

✈️ All aboard for international media monitoring


Actually, stay where you are – Fuseworks is bringing the world to you ? We’ve had lots of people asking for help monitoring international online news sources – and now we’ve got you covered. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get inundated by overseas news. New Zealand sources are still front and centre. We’ve made international monitoring an optional add-on, … Read More