Ok, so you’re working out who to send your media updates to…

Jump into Fuseworks and click ‘Distribution lists’ in the left hand navigation to explore the options:

You’ll see two tabs:

Fuseworks lists – These lists are shared by all Fuseworks customers with the distribution add-on. There’s a wide range of options and we curate and keep them up to date for you.

Most people choose to use the Fuseworks lists, but if there’s not an off-the-rack list for your target audience, there’s also the option to build your own.

[Name of your organisation] lists – These are your private lists that can only be seen by you and others in your organisation. You’re in charge of keeping them up to date.

Private lists come in handy if journalists have asked to receive your media updates, who aren’t on our lists (our lists generally target media outlets, rather than individual journalists).

  • You can ‘star’ distribution lists you’re going to use frequently to include them by default, when you send a release. To star a distribution list, click into the list and click the white star – it will turn green and move to the top of the lists.

If you’ve starred a few of the Fuseworks lists, you’re all set and ready to start sending media updates!

If you’ve decided to tailor a list, there’s a couple of options: