News distribution

Reach the right media, in a format that’s optimised for pick up. Distributing news with Fuseworks is super fast and easy.

Fuseworks news distribution tools are an optional add-on for our media monitoring subscribers.

Not a subscriber?

Send a media release.

Distribution lists

Reach the right media

Reach thousands of NZ journalists, publishers and broadcasters with Fuseworks – in all verticals and in all locations.

Our lists are continuously updated – saving you time and ensuring you always reach the right destinations.

Everything we do is optimised for deliverability (over 20% of other PR emails never reach the intended people).

Better for both PR pros and media

Fuseworks also provides news tools to media – giving us a deep understanding of their needs.

We worked with media to create a media release format that makes pick up as frictionless as possible.

Distribute release
Better workflow, better results – for anyone working with media
  • Personalise your media releases by adding your own branding
  • Use pre-made distribution lists or build your own
  • Fuseworks distribution lists are continuously updated and designed to reach the full spectrum of media types, locations and topic specialists
  • Detailed media profiles to help you build the most relevant possible distribution lists
  • Upload private contacts and create your own private lists
  • Share lists across your organisation
  • Permanent archive of all distributions to media, making it easy to report on activity
  • Track distributions happening throughout your organisation
  • Subscribers can send an unlimited number of releases to an unlimited number of destinations, for a fixed monthly subscription.

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