Why you might be having email issues

We’ve had a small number of customers get in touch recently saying they haven’t received their report from Fuseworks. The most likely reason for this is spam filters.

When it comes to sending email there’s a heap of ‘best practice’ guidance out there – and Fuseworks follows all of it. Including authenticating all outgoing mail.

Despite that certain badly designed spam classification systems still cause us all problems. We reach out and tell them when they are misclassifying legitimate email. Despite that, we still see the odd issue.

It’s often a simple word or phrase that will trigger an email provider to classify something as spam, which is problematic because the content of Fuseworks email reports are so varied (and the news of the day often includes ‘bad words’).

So your email provider might flag something as spam, but it’s actually important coverage that you need to see.

The easiest way to solve this problem is to check your spam folder, and if your Fuseworks emails are going there, mark them as ‘not spam’. Another thing to do is add webmaster@fuseworks.co.nz to your address book – that can definitely help..

If that doesn’t solve the problem, get your spam classification system provider to whitelist webmaster@fuseworks.co.nz. That’s the best way to ensure you always receive your reports.

Spam classification systems keep getting smarter – so fingers crossed the current spike we’re seeing in legitimate email being misclassified, is a short-term problem. In the meantime, your IT team should be able to help get your spam system properly configured.