Use the search to track down the contact details for a media outlet or journalist.

Step 1 – Enter the name of a person, publication, organisation or topic into the search box and click the blue button to run the search.

  • You can also search by email. For example: (lots of journalists have multiple addresses, ie: / / – so you may need to try a few possible variations)

Step 2 – The default is to search for news, so you’ll need to change this to profiles by clicking ‘Profiles’ under the search box.

Step 3 – Focus your results even further by using the filters on the right. Choose as many as you need from the Media type, Region, Topic and More menus. The search results will update with each selection you make.


Step 4 – If you just want media contacts click the ‘More’ filter and under the ‘Group’ heading click on ‘Media’.


This may be all you need to surface the contacts you’re looking for, but if you want to get more specific you can apply some of the other filters as well.

When you find the contacts you’re after, you’ll see their key details in the search results so you can quickly get in touch, see which distribution lists they’re in or add them to your own lists (with News distribution add-on only). If you want to see more info, you can click on the name to open the full profile.

profile results