Add topics you want to keep an eye on to your folders. Open a folder to see the latest news. Folders at a glance:


Folder List

Custom folders – Folders you’ve set up to monitor your areas of interest.

Starred – Things you’ve bookmarked (starred) for future reference. You can bookmark articles, profiles and distribution lists (with News distribution add-on only).

PR News (Media only) – All raw PR content (e.g media releases, advisories, commentary etc), in real-time as it hits the system.

Diary (Media only) – Events of national interest added by you, your team or Fuseworks.

  • To help you keep track of what’s new, you’ll see a green unread dot on folders when a new story has arrived.
  • If you have a long folder name it will be cropped, but you can hover over it to see the full folder name.

Folder tools

Folder tools let you move content around and build your own reports. Tick the checkbox to select any content you want to ‘Remove’ from a folder, ‘Move’ or ‘Copy to another folder, and create a personalised report to ‘Email’ to yourself. ‘Deselect’ shows you how many articles you’ve selected and lets you untick all the items when you’re done. Folder tools are also available on your dashboard, search results and related items.



Source (Media, Reports and Tools only) – Click on the ‘Source’ tab to see all the sources that have supplied content for the selected period. Each source shows volume of mentions and you can click on a source name to filter the content in the folder to just that source.

Type – Click on the ‘Type’ tab to see all the types of content for the selected period. You can see the amount of each type and filter the content in the folder by type (e.g. Blog, Advisory, Speech etc), just tick the types of content you want to see.

Tag (Media and Tools only) – You can filter the content in the folder by tags you’ve added, just tick the tag you want to see.


Date – Choose from the list of preset date ranges (this will be remembered for next time) or enter your own custom time period to filter the content in the folder. The custom date you set here will be added to the list of options for creating a report under the ‘Reporting’ tab.

Duplicates – Choose to hide or show duplicate articles. Hiding duplicate articles means all duplicate articles will be grouped together under the primary version of the article.



Graphs (Media, Reports and Tools only) – The advanced analytics show you trends based on the volume, sources and type of content. You can use the interactive volume graph to drill into trends by clicking on the graph to adjust the timeframe and filter the content in the folder.

Create report (Media, Reports and Tools only) – View and download reports whenever you need them.



Display – Choose how you want content to display in your folder:

  • Relevant snippets – highlights your keyword and the surrounding text so you can see the context it appears in the article.
  • Intro text – the first paragraph of the article.
  • Matched keywords – tells you which keyword the article is a match with.
  • Tags – tells you which tags have been added to each article.

Following – See at a glance the topics your folder is following and make changes.

Share – Lets you share the folder with your team so you’re all on the same page and can easily work together.

What the icons mean on headline lists

You’ll often see icons appear in the lists of headlines, here’s what they mean:

attachment The article has document attachments.

image-attachments The article has image attachments.

under-embargo The content is under embargo (Media only).

embargo-to-set The content is under embargo, but the release time hasn’t been set (Media only).

embargo-passed The embargo on this content has passed.

private-content The content is private to you.

shared-content The content is shared with you.

starred-bookmarked The content has been bookmarked (starred) by you.

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