New folder management tools

We’re excited to release of one of our most requested features – folder management tools.

This breakthrough change means you can easily move content around Fuseworks and build your own reports.

As well as being able to remove, move, copy and report on articles in your folders, you can also create personalised reports from search results and related items. This is particularly handy for quickly responding to ad-hoc requests and preparing campaign reports on coverage of your media releases.

We’ve also added two new report options. Now you can get reports at hourly and three-hourly intervals to keep you connected throughout the day.

For our super users, you can now export CSV reports. This lets you get at the raw data, so you can combine it with other information and build your own advanced reports. The CSV file can be opened in any spreadsheet application for editing.

On a slightly different note, the amount of news flowing into Fuseworks has more than doubled in the last year. Some of this growth is down to key players like Fairfax and APN who have invested heavily in their regional and community publications to significantly broaden the diversity of news available online. A study we did in 2012 found if it’s important, it’s online. Since then, the emergence of the Internet as NZ’s primary news channel has accelerated. At Fuseworks we’re focused on providing tools to filter and analyse the ever increasing volume of online news.

Like the sound of what we’re up to? Give Fuseworks real-time news tools a whirl.