Rounding out the print newspaper add-on

Since 2015 Fuseworks has helped our customers track what’s being said in New Zealand print newspapers, via content agreements with the country’s biggest publishers – NZME and Stuff. The reach of NZME and Stuff across NZ is impressive, but there’s a fiercely independent slice of Aotearoa whose main publications aren’t part of either group. This week, we’ve added a number … Read More

Report builder: Visualise your media insights

Compare topics chart

For people who love insight, but hate spreadsheets. Are you filled with dread at the thought of sprawling spreadsheets? You aren’t alone… odds are you’re either a words person or a numbers person! Even if you’re a number crunching wizard, when you need to switch between visualising different types of data or time periods, things can quickly get unwieldy. It … Read More

Paywalls: BusinessDesk and an evolving Kiwi media

TL;DR Fuseworks is now indexing and surfacing relevant story links in customer reports… If you work in a prominent New Zealand organisation you probably know about BusinessDesk. In its own words “it’s been reporting the New Zealand political economy and the fortunes of its listed and unlisted businesses since 2008, when two of New Zealand’s most experienced business journalists, … Read More

Social monitoring, minus the clutter ?

Social media monitoring is now available via Fuseworks. It’s probably a little different than you’re used to – and we’d like to think it’s at least 50% less silly: ❌ Trolls, Kim Kardashian wannabes, oversharers and single-follower Sams ? Greater insight, clarity and perspective on the big issues of the day We’ve all been there – ‘social is where it’s … Read More

✈️ All aboard for international media monitoring


Actually, stay where you are – Fuseworks is bringing the world to you ? We’ve had lots of people asking for help monitoring international online news sources – and now we’ve got you covered. That doesn’t mean you’re going to get inundated by overseas news. New Zealand sources are still front and centre. We’ve made international monitoring an optional add-on, … Read More

Your whole organisation is now mobile enabled

Mobile app launch announcements lend heavily on taglines like “we shrunk the app to fit right in your pocket” and “do everything you can in the office, on the road”. Maybe that works when your app doesn’t do very much – but Fuseworks on the desktop delivers a rich toolset to surface, package and analyse news. Miniaturising those tools to … Read More

TV, radio: More, more, more

With the expansion of the team at Fuseworks this year, we’ve ramped up the number of TV and radio digests we’re creating. So now, as well as covering print newspapers, online media and raw PR news, we’ve got radio and TV wrapped up too. And our customers are loving it. Our new bulletin feature shows customers where exactly a story … Read More

We’ve built a custom news tracking hub for your organisation

As valuable as timely information is – we find that great comms and information management teams often feel that they’ve created a rod for their own back, in managing the endless stream of media reporting requests. It’s a classic ‘victim of your own success’ problem. The better job you do of getting the right information, in front of the right … Read More

New to Fuseworks: Fairfax print newspapers

Rounding out a huge year at Fuseworks, just prior to Christmas we added Fairfax newspapers to our print monitoring package. While we’ve found that most news is online these days that’s less true for small community or regional newspapers, so we made it a priority bring this news into Fuseworks. With both Fairfax and NZME newspaper content now available, we’ve … Read More

Newsletter builder: Introducing total control

This year we’ve worked to make automated email reports as good as they could possibly be. We’ve introduced duplicate grouping, sections within reports and custom branding – among a raft of other more subtle changes. As good as automated reports are – sometimes there’s no substitute for having total control over what’s included, in what order, under what sections – … Read More