2021 – Year in Review

2021 year in review

At Fuseworks, 2021 was all about customer-driven enhancements and new features. All parts of the product got some love – both to improve popular features and add new ones. Some of the changes we were most excited about in 2021 included: Author extraction: The ability to track (and report on) who is writing about the topics you care about was … Read More

2020 – Year in review

Crazy year, right? 2020 was a year both like no other – and exactly like every other for Fuseworks. News happened, we tracked and analysed it. A little more remotely than usual, with a few more OMG moments – but the wheels kept turning for us and our customers – without interruption. Covid proved to be an unplanned stress test … Read More

2019 – Year in review

The last year has seen huge change in New Zealand media – major paywall initiatives, challenging conditions for news outlets, continuing shifts in how people get their news – and more innovation in how stories are presented. It’s a transition that’s been less jarring for us than for others, because it’s the media future that Fuseworks was designed for. One … Read More

2018 – Year in review

We love, love, love charging off in bold new directions – but we often find it’s the little enhancements, the small steps forward that are most appreciated by our customers. In 2018 we ‘focused’ on both. Our new mobile/lite app uses the latest web technology to provide an additional way to keep your entire organisation on top of relevant news … Read More

2017 – Year in review

2017 was a year of refinement and expansion for Fuseworks. During the year we did a feature by feature review, often working collaboratively with customers, to identify opportunities to polish and extend the Fuseworks experience. No part of the app has been left untouched, from the hosting infrastructure, through to performance-focused changes to the front end, and the workflow of … Read More

2016 – Year in review

What a massive year! 2016 was something of a tipping point for Fuseworks as customer numbers grew and customer requests dominated an extensive product development program. A cluster agreement with national sporting organisations early in the year was followed by a similar deal covering State sector organisations a few months later. Together these agreements, combined with a big jump in … Read More

2015 – Year in Review

It feels like we say this every year – but last year was our biggest ever.  More products, more features – and a lot more customers to share them with. After an action packed 2014, when we completely rebuilt the core platform based on a huge amount of customer feedback – we thought 2015 would be a period of consolidation … Read More

2014 – Year in Review

It’s become a bit of an annual tradition here at Fuseworks to kick off the year with a look at what was achieved in the previous 12 months. We like to think of ourselves as hugely client focused – and for us, 2014 was all about taking what we’ve learned from our brilliant customers and re envisaging Fuseworks with the … Read More

2013 -Year in review

Four years in and building momentum As we kick off what is sure to be another busy year, we like to review what we’ve accomplished in partnership with our amazing clients in the last twelve months. We started Fuseworks with the belief that the ways media and communications professionals track and participate in the news cycle could be dramatically improved. … Read More

2012 -Year in review

When we started Fuseworks we wanted to build a product that delivers insight to all participants in the news cycle. It’s not just for media, or just for PR professionals. It’s a new infrastructure for the entire news ecosystem. Building a new infrastructure for news is a massive and ongoing task. We’ve approached it in stages, working with key industry … Read More