2020 – Year in review

Crazy year, right? 2020 was a year both like no other – and exactly like every other for Fuseworks. News happened, we tracked and analysed it. A little more remotely than usual, with a few more OMG moments – but the wheels kept turning for us and our customers – without interruption.

Covid proved to be an unplanned stress test of Fuseworks systems, processes and people. During ‘peak crazy’ we were immensely proud to see the way the whole team stepped up to support our customers – some of whom are directly involved in managing the national response (thank you for keeping us all safe in our bubbles ? ).

While Covid dominated our year, we also continued to push forward with major enhancements to Fuseworks products.

The foundation for that evolution is a partnership forged in 2019 and announced in 2020 with media intelligence industry veteran John Croll, and his new company Truescope.

Throughout 2020 we worked closely with Truescope on fleshing out the next wave of smarter news analysis tools for New Zealand organisations.

The first new product to come out of that partnership is a social media focused platform to provide insights into the conversations that matter in your sector.

There’s a lot more to come from our partnership with Truescope in 2021. All part of our plan to bring an evolved approach to insights – for an evolving media market .

The core Fuseworks platform also got plenty of attention – with the rollout of a completely new ad-hoc report builder to help organisations visualise trends by comparing topics (ie: share of voice) and periods.

The new ad-hoc report builder is available to all customers on our Reports and Tools plans (Tools plan customers get a few extras). Find out more about the new features here.

What will 2021 bring? We’re aiming for a lot less plot twists and even more new features. Stay tuned.