Media release best practice: Finding a beautiful, unique lure

Words matter… especially when trying to grab the attention of journalists. The average journalist is inundated with news tips all day, every day. Here’s what the Fuseworks PR newswire looks like on a typical weekday: That’s an average of over 20 releases an hour from 9am-5pm and peaks at more than 30. It makes it just a wee bit tricky … Read More

Behind the scenes: How Fuseworks works with media

If you want your news to have the widest possible reach, make sure you send it to Fuseworks Media. We often get asked how content from Fuseworks ends up on news websites like Yahoo – or for more information about how journalists use our services. Here’s the scoop … Every day Fuseworks receives hundreds of NZ focused news leads in … Read More

How not to write a press release

In previous posts, we’ve looked at straightforward ways to improve press releases. But there are also some pitfalls to avoid, some obvious, others not so, that regularly feature in the media releases we see at Fuseworks. So, here’s our top 14 list of things to avoid. Don’t push the product down the reader’s throat. This is a news release not … Read More

How to write press releases journalists notice

With news media increasingly using press releases as a primary source of information, getting noticed by editorial decision makers has never been more important. Presenting information in a form media can easily and quickly digest can only increase the chance of a release being used for an article. Having read, written and used press releases as source material for many … Read More

Top 10 tips for writing a press release

The shift towards digital news consumption has done nothing to diminish the importance of the press release as an essential public relations tool. If anything, today’s ever-expanding range of digital outlets and devices gives the press release greater reach than ever. Many well-written, newsworthy releases are now published more or less in their original form online. So, it’s worth thinking … Read More