Arohatia te reo: NZ media cherish the language


2020 was a year dominated by a single story to a degree we’ve never before seen. Covid-19 saturated the news agenda, appearing in more than a third of all stories tracked. Beneath those headlines a more subtle change continued inching forward – the use of te reo Māori to help carve out a uniquely New Zealand sound and feel for … Read More

Media monitoring: Deciding what matters most

When people talk to us about media monitoring, the first thing we ask is what most matters to them when selecting a service. The answers vary, sometimes a lot – but there are five reoccurring themes. These five things that customers want from media monitoring have shaped all the decisions we’ve made when building Fuseworks. They’re what’s important to us. … Read More

AVEs, Megafonzies and other silliness

If a measurement is silly nonsense, it should at least be funny silly nonsense. Consider the Megafonzie, the Beard Second (the distance that the average beard hair grows in one second), or my personal favourite, the Banana Equivalent Dose (did you know, to receive the amount of radiation Japan’s Fukushima disaster leaked, you’d have to eat 76 million bananas). AVE … Read More

Top tips for supercharging your media analysis

Media monitoring tools often include automated reports to help you visualise and understand coverage. We have a number of these automated analysis reports built into Fuseworks. Sometimes though, you need to delve deeper into the data – and automated reports can fall short. Our approach to helping clients take their media analysis to the next level, has been to provide … Read More

Google Alerts: Free has a price

Being the last to know about something sucks – and if you’re being paid to know, it may even be ‘career limiting’. That’s why reliable and real-time media monitoring matters – and why you shouldn’t be relying on Google Alerts. If you’ve ever been involved in either public relations or media, you probably know about Google Alerts. It’s the grandaddy … Read More

Media monitoring contracts: How to avoid getting locked in

In the last decade media monitoring has evolved continuously to match the pace of change in how news is consumed. There’s just one exception – the contracts used by media monitoring companies haven’t evolved – at least not in the way clients should expect. The average media monitoring contract used in New Zealand is nothing short of a disgrace. We’ve … Read More

Why pay for media monitoring?

So you’ve decided to monitor media. Good decision. You may be wondering if you can justify paying for it, or should try to rely on free tools. The short answer is that it’s absolutely worth paying for. Here’s why… The cost of free tools ‘Free’ doesn’t necessarily equal ‘rubbish’, but it does invariably mean ‘limited’. Whether the free tools are … Read More

Why do media monitoring?

When we talk to organisations about media monitoring we tend to find people fall into one of two camps. There’s those that believe they couldn’t possibly do their jobs without it – and those that believe ‘yeah, nah – we don’t need that’. There’s a few reasons for the ‘yeah, nah’ response: Small organisations often believe that since they don’t … Read More

Broadcast TV media monitoring – faster, better, cheaper

Like anyone that’s been involved in the communications industry for a few years, I’ve known the frustration that is broadcast TV monitoring. Some time after the broadcast happens you get a little snippet from a traditional media monitoring company, which indicates that a news programme mentioned a topic of interest. You then go through a process to order a transcript, … Read More

News stats: Tracking Labour’s housing policy announcement

The team at Fuseworks spend a lot their time pouring over New Zealand political news. Of the thousands of news stories that stream into Fuseworks each day, between 10% and 20% are politics related. When it comes to the political topics that people are most passionate about – health, education, crime and the economy – we’ve found that any news … Read More