Report builder: Visualise your media insights

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For people who love insight, but hate spreadsheets.

Are you filled with dread at the thought of sprawling spreadsheets? You aren’t alone… odds are you’re either a words person or a numbers person!

Even if you’re a number crunching wizard, when you need to switch between visualising different types of data or time periods, things can quickly get unwieldy. It only takes one untimely distraction (? media hotline?) to end up with an incorrect formula or missed data point which completely changes the narrative.

Our goals for advanced reporting in Fuseworks:

Make discovering and presenting insights easier – for both data lovers as well as those who think in pictures and crave a high level summary.

Simple to understand – a carefully curated range of options that are easy for end-users to digest. You won’t need a PhD in Statistics to work out what you’re looking at.

Minimal friction: get it done fast – keep the workflow simple to set-up and even easier to repeat.

Last year we talked to a range of experts to explore best practice. We also talked to plenty of you guys to understand common reporting scenarios and what was on your wish lists. We then plunged down a deep rabbit hole – testing lots of options and continually reminding ourselves to keep it simple. Soooo many options.

The new ‘Report Builder’ is now live, and we’re hopeful that we’ve got the formula right:


Alicia King, Amnesty International

There’s some new functionality for ‘Reports’ customers, but the real magic happens in the ‘Tools’ package.

  • Explore different ways to display the data: Vertical or horizontal bar charts, stacked or side by side bars, donuts, tables and more
  • Compare periods and compare topic folders (e.g. for share of voice)
  • Include multiple news sections (e.g. if you want coverage of your organisation as well as key sector news)
  • Set up templates for regular reports and run them whenever you need
  • Choose brand colours so it’s easy to see who/what is what, without squinting at the key
  • Use the dynamic preview to see how the report actually looks as you make each change.

The end result is a new way to present actionable intelligence to your team that’s fun* to use. Spreadsheets – take a hike!

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*We think – but try it out yourself and let us know what you think.