New partnership to power smart, immediate news analysis for Kiwi organisations

Fuseworks + Truescope

Global industry leader joins Fuseworks board Partnership to deliver ‘ground up rethink’ of analysis tools available to Kiwi organisations Fuseworks will begin introducing the new toolset to its customers in the coming months. Homegrown news tracking firm Fuseworks Media has partnered up with industry leader John Croll to tackle communicators’ biggest problem – identifying what matters, and how much it … Read More

NZME print newspapers now in Fuseworks

We’re out of the gates. The first phase of our big project to add print newspaper content to Fuseworks is now live. This week we officially launched NZME (New Zealand Media and Entertainment) print newspaper monitoring – and have been bowled over by the enthusiastic response. Most news is online these days, but not all small community or regional newspapers … Read More

News distribution: Why you should do it through Fuseworks

This week we’ve released the final stage of our news distribution tools, to help communications professionals reliably identify interested journalists and deliver media releases to them. These features have been a top client request for some time, but we’ve been careful not to rush them. We spent a lot of time talking with customers and thinking through how to create … Read More

Fuseworks adds NewsRoom_Monitor offering

NewsRoom_Monitor digests are now available to Fuseworks customers. It’s an important development. Here’s why… We love real-time news. It makes us more connected, more aware of a wider range of issues and events – and yet the gentler pace of periodic and highly filtered news maintains its appeal and its place in the news cycle. It’s a reality that we’re … Read More

Top tips: online software to make your business hum

One of the big lessons we’ve learned as we’ve grown Fuseworks is that you need every member of the team to be super productive all the time. Not getting things done can have serious consequences for any business – even more so for the ones just starting out. That’s not easy to achieve. Poor systems, inefficient processes, the need to … Read More

Help us spread the word

We’re really grateful for your word of mouth recommendations to friends and colleagues, and to say thanks we’ve kicked off a special referral offer. If you know someone who’d be interested in Fuseworks, let us know. We’ll offer them a no obligation 14 day free trial and if they purchase Fuseworks they’ll get a discount and you’ll get a $100 … Read More

Taming the real-time news cycle

In media and PR the battle is the same – stay on top of and ahead of the stories of the day.  Manage the continuous stream of incoming information.   Separate the signal from the noise.  Don’t miss anything that matters. It’s easier said than done.  Just in New Zealand there are more than 2,000 news articles, press releases and blogs … Read More

Iconic news brand heralds NZ innovation in news gathering

Iconic news brand has deployed a unique New Zealand software tool suite to help its journalists stay ahead of the news cycle. The award-winning news team is now using the Fuseworks Media Centre to help source and create its leading blend of fast breaking and in depth news. Fuseworks co-founder Simon Randall said today: “Having the team … Read More

Yahoo! coup for Fuseworks

New Zealand-owned media software company Fuseworks is pleased to announce that Yahoo! New Zealand is now using its groundbreaking platform designed to speed up and enrich the creation of quality news content. “We’re thrilled that a global company as forward-looking and innovative as Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) has recognised our suite of news aggregation and creation tools as important to its team,” … Read More