News Analytics takes off

Analysis and reporting has been a recurring theme in our conversations with PR and Communications professionals. From the beginning we’ve had big plans and we’ve often been reminded that reporting is the missing piece of the puzzle that will allow Fuseworks to replace traditional media monitoring.

So it goes without saying, we’re super pleased with this release…

Today, we’re ripping off the plastic and officially launching the second of our PR and Communications products – News Analytics.

We’ve been sneaking in more and more analytics over the last few months but this new reporting brings it all together in a convenient new format.

As well as seeing how content volume varies over time for the topics you’re following, you can now get a snapshot of the type of content and the sources that drive the peaks and troughs in volume, so you can easily understand what’s going on. Simply select any period and watch the graphs redraw instantly.

Plus, you can schedule reports to be automatically emailed to you and your team. Pick how often you want to get a report – daily, weekly or monthly – and who you want it to go to. Set up as many as you need for one flat monthly fee.

Each PDF report includes the graphs and content summary with links to the articles online and in Fuseworks (to see related content). The full text of media releases can be included in your reports too.

You also have email notifications to keep you on top of everything the instant it arrives.

We’ll be expanding our reporting package to include more interesting graphs to track things like sentiment, so stay tuned.

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