Horticulture NZ Case Study

Spend your time where it counts

Monitoring media is essential. But you have more important things to do.
Let Fuseworks manage things for you.

“Fuseworks finds you the news and even measures it. Very cool.”

After more than 25 years in media and public relations, Leigh Catley has seen media monitoring solutions ranging from the good to bad to downright ugly. She tells us why she recommends Fuseworks for communications professionals.

Leigh has been communications manager at Horticulture New Zealand for almost six years. As the organisation’s sole communications specialist in a fast-moving sector, things can get pretty hairy at times, so she’s very careful about prioritising her time. That’s where Fuseworks comes in.

Get a clear picture

“The people I work with don’t care where I get information from, they just expect me to have it,” she says.

Leigh relies on Fuseworks to make sure she’s always on top of what’s going on. “It’s my home page. It’s open all day and I regularly check it.” She also has email alerts set up for key folders so she immediately knows when something really important happens.

A better way of working

Over the years, Leigh has employed a wide range of media monitoring solutions. “I don’t think there are any I haven’t used,” she says. “I’ve used the traditional ‘paper’ style systems and email and web-based systems also.”

These days, Leigh prefers “digital solutions over print or paper monitoring because of speed of handling and ease of redistribution”.

She’s more interested in spending her time where she can add the most value, so it makes sense to use smart technology to do the heavy lifting. Fuseworks lets Leigh work more efficiently. “It’s really improved my ability to search for old news items or media releases. It’s very handy. There is a downside to that – more people ask for them now.”

A powerful combination
“I knew they would come up with a great product so I wanted to try it as soon as they’d let me.”

Leigh chose Fuseworks because of “the people who run it! I really like the way the Fuseworks team are obviously building and developing their product all the time to help their clients get more out of it, every day.”

A fresh approach to media monitoring and analysis was long overdue, she says. “I want tools that make it easier for me to find exactly what I want, and manipulate it, so I can present it to other people in a simple way.”

She always knew the Fuseworks team would come up with a great product. “We’ve all worked in similar roles before and I know they understand what I’m trying to achieve in terms of media monitoring for my job.”

Getting started

Leigh finds Fuseworks very easy to use compared to other solutions. “It really was a case of playing around with it and giving the team a shout when I needed help.” There are great new features being added all the time and “I know there is plenty of help around when I want to do something new.”

Leigh really recommends other communications professionals try Fuseworks because “it’s a very simple and quick way to keep a handle on what’s going on in NZ.”