Boost your searches

We’re determined to make surfacing what you need even easier and more effective. So, in this update we’ve got a bunch of search enhancements to do just that.

Last year we mentioned we’d changed to a powerful new search engine designed specifically for real-time indexing. While that may not have sounded super exciting to everyone, it opened the door for some more visible benefits – including advanced search filters.

These new filters mean there’s no need to learn tricky search terms. With a single click you can drill down into search results to surface the exact results you want.

The filters cover all the bases – to name a few options:

  • Get only articles, profiles, events or tags
  • Pick any date range or content type
  • Choose from the top sources and tags
  • See just the most relevant content.

To make it quicker to get a feel for what you’re looking at we’ve also added the much loved graphs to search results*. You’ll see at a glance the content volume, top sources, content types and the search results and the graphs update on the spot as you add each new filter.

Trends in the search results will pop right out, so to make it even easier to focus on the highlights you can also click and drag on the volume graph to select any interesting looking date periods.

We’ve also:

Added the option to exclude the ‘View in Fuseworks’ link from reports to avoid confusion when you send reports to those that don’t have a login*.

Remember to let us know about the must-have features you’d like us to work on – your vote helps us prioritise what’s up next.