2014 – Year in Review

It’s become a bit of an annual tradition here at Fuseworks to kick off the year with a look at what was achieved in the previous 12 months.

We like to think of ourselves as hugely client focused – and for us, 2014 was all about taking what we’ve learned from our brilliant customers and re envisaging Fuseworks with the insights and requests that have been shared with us over the last four years.

The result is a completely rebuilt app, created over the course of a little more than a year. We started rolling out to customers in November and the early feedback has been excellent.

The new app gives Fuseworks a completely new look, more focus on search, more information surfaced when it’s most useful, tighter integration between content and analytics and literally hundreds of other changes all intended to address customer requests and make every bit of Fuseworks, better, faster and stronger.

Read more about the new app here.

If we haven’t been in touch with you yet to schedule training on the new Fuseworks – we’ll be doing that very soon. If you’re eager to jump in as soon as possible, please contact your account manager.

The new Fuseworks also gives us a strong foundation for a bunch of new products that we’re intending to bring to the market in 2015.

In between working on the new app – and sometimes as a part of it, we launched a bunch of new features and enhancements during 2014. Here’s a few of the highlights:


  • Filter by tags within folders
  • Navigate quickly between articles using new next/previous buttons and keyboard shortcuts
  • Click through to publisher websites directly from headline lists
  • A new ‘Recent’ menu helps you quickly return to articles you’ve viewed
  • Reorder your folders, so the ones that are most important to you appear at the top of the list
  • A range of new shortcut keys for our power users incl: add tag, add to folder, view original
  • New ‘Latest activity’ section added to the Dashboard to surface content added by people in your organisation
  • Now easier to manage which folders content appears in from article pages


  • New option to display intro text in feeds
  • Filter feeds by your custom tags


  • New include ‘Links to attachments’ report option
  • Ability to edit and make changes to existing reports (e.g. add email addresses, change the report frequency and other options)


  • Easily search content from a particular profile, from profile pages
  • Enhancements to better support queries that include special characters
  • Search promoted within the app so that it’s accessible from every page


  • Big focus on improved monitoring of video and audio content that’s published online.

Here’s to doing amazing things together in 2015!