2012 -Year in review

When we started Fuseworks we wanted to build a product that delivers insight to all participants in the news cycle. It’s not just for media, or just for PR professionals. It’s a new infrastructure for the entire news ecosystem.

Building a new infrastructure for news is a massive and ongoing task. We’ve approached it in stages, working with key industry people to shape the product.

In 2010 we built the core architecture needed to aggregate news and connect it together.

In 2011 we released a suite of news tools for the media industry, used by clients including the New Zealand Herald, Yahoo and MSN.

In 2012 we enhanced our media products and leveraged the platform we’d built to create advanced news analytics tools for communications professionals.

With the launch of our News Analytics product in 2012 – for the first time – the media the communications sectors are using the same platform to find, create, share and analyse news.

Our vision for Fuseworks is really starting to come together. We’re certainly not done yet, but we’re pleased with the progress we made last year. Check out these key milestones for 2012 and you’ll see it’s been a big year:

January 2012
  • track read and unread items
  • star articles and events
February 2012
  • optimisations allowing users to stay logged in
March 2012
  • new hosting infrastructure
April 2012
  • interactive graphs added to tag and source pages
  • trending entities and trending sources added to trending topics
  • dashboard makeover
May 2012
  • content type, source and tag filters added to tag and profile pages
  • search engine enhancements
  • improvements to email notifications
  • new help centre launched
June 2012
  • added interactive graphs to custom folders
  • added filter by source to custom folders
  • folders remember preferences
  • added Folder Settings
    • quickly see topics you’re following and unfollow
    • quickly see notifications and add new ones
    • notification email shortcut
August 2012
  • News Analytics product launched
    • added more folder analytics
    • new automated reporting
October 2012
  • significant expansion of media content
November 2012
  • completed major behind the scenes project to make Fuseworks even faster
  • new search engine to support advanced features
  • improvements to Related Items
  • support for macrons and other special characters in XML feeds
December 2012
  • functionality enhancements to search
    • added advanced filters

We’ve kicked off 2013 by adding graphs to search engine results pages and we’ve got a lot more planned.

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