2018 – Year in review

We love, love, love charging off in bold new directions – but we often find it’s the little enhancements, the small steps forward that are most appreciated by our customers. In 2018 we ‘focused’ on both.

Our new mobile/lite app uses the latest web technology to provide an additional way to keep your entire organisation on top of relevant news and information.

It’s the only mobile app offered by a media monitoring company that is intended to be deployed across the entirety of large, complex organisations – available to all staff – and priced to make that a realistic option.

Part of what makes that work is zero time provisioning. You don’t have to set up accounts for staff – if the app’s enabled, it’s available to all staff.

The new app works across mobile and desktop devices – and supports push notifications on many of them (not iPhones though.. yet).

Our other big project for 2018 was a completely rethought interface for managing reports within your organisation. New filters help you quickly find the reports you’re looking for and we created ‘super users’ to give selected people the ability to edit it all of the reports owned by your organisation.

Smaller, but highly requested changes and enhancements introduced during the year touched virtually every part of the Fuseworks service. They included:

  • We introduced a Report ID at the bottom of outgoing reports to help you quickly find and edit them.
  • You can now update the footer at the bottom of your scheduled reports.
  • We can now set a default footer for your organisation e.g. ‘Report created by the [org] media team’.
Newsletter builder
  • Article sources now show when you drag news into the newsletter builder.
Media release distribution product
  • Shared media release footer. If you want a single point of contact for all releases, regardless of who sends it we can set a shared footer for your organisation.
  • You can now add ad-hoc recipients when you send a release.
  • We’ve added an ‘Email to me’ option, so you can see exactly what your recipients are going to get, before you click ‘Send’ (including attachments, header etc).
  • The upload process for adding private contacts has been better integrated with the shared media contacts database, allowing you to add the same contacts to multiple lists.
Content sources
  • Hansard material is now a standalone content type, to more easily include or exclude it from your monitoring.
  • Broadcast monitoring continues to expand.
  • We launched enhanced support to surface select ‘paywalled’ news in your reports (linking through to the original source).​
What’s next?

We’re working to extend the ad-hoc analysis options available in the main app. We have some exciting ideas, but please get in touch if you’re thinking ‘If only Fuseworks could…’.

Here’s to 2019!