TV, radio: More, more, more

With the expansion of the team at Fuseworks this year, we’ve ramped up the number of TV and radio digests we’re creating. So now, as well as covering print newspapers, online media and raw PR news, we’ve got radio and TV wrapped up too. And our customers are loving it.

Our new bulletin feature shows customers where exactly a story appeared within the bulletin (e.g. if it was the lead story or the 12th item) and what was said. You can also ‘zoom out’ to see the item in the context of the overall bulletin. Pretty sweet, huh?

It’s taken us several years of experimentation to settle on the best possible way to cover broadcast news. These days broadcasters work hard to maximise their reach via the internet and a high proportion of everything they produce is now available online.

Unfortunately the audio and video generally isn’t accompanied with much in the way of text to surface the news. So we help our customers discover stories of interest in two ways. We ‘enrich’ the text associated with clippings posted online, to better explain what’s covered in the TV or radio story – and we produce digests to summarise bulletins.

A lot of people watch the news rather than listen to it or read it. Sitting down to the morning news or the 6pm bulletin is a habit for many of us, often to coincide with a morning or evening meal. It’s frequently what you’ll go into work talking about, or discuss with the family in the evenings. Or what you listen to on the daily commute to and from the office. At Fuseworks we know this news is particularly important to a lot of people and our customers know this too. That’s why we’re super excited help connect people with the TV and radio news they most care about.

Source: NZ On Air / Glasshouse consulting – Where are the audiences? 2016

The number of digests we’re creating each day is increasing all the time and covers all mainstream news radio stations, as well as key ethnic media sources. With all of that, combined with our print, online and raw news coverage – if the news is important to you – we can make sure you’re constantly on top of it.

Fuseworks is growing fast and our customers are reaping the benefits. Contact us and find out how Fuseworks can work for you.