News stats: Tracking Labour’s housing policy announcement

The team at Fuseworks spend a lot their time pouring over New Zealand political news. Of the thousands of news stories that stream into Fuseworks each day, between 10% and 20% are politics related. When it comes to the political topics that people are most passionate about – health, education, crime and the economy – we’ve found that any news … Read More

Sentiment tracking and match highlighting

We’ve added a couple more features to help you be even more productive. Tagging and sentiment tracking* The free-form nature of tags means you can use them any way you like. Whether you’re tracking sentiment, regions, key messages or all of the above, tags will help you take your reporting to the next level. You can group together tags for … Read More

New folder management tools

We’re excited to release of one of our most requested features – folder management tools. This breakthrough change means you can easily move content around Fuseworks and build your own reports. As well as being able to remove, move, copy and report on articles in your folders, you can also create personalised reports from search results and related items. This … Read More

New reporting tools

Our latest release is heavily focused on customer love in the form of a few much requested features. We’re grateful for all your fantastic suggestions – be sure to keep them coming. Reporting on the fly* With Fuseworks there’s no need for crystal ball gazing. Simply use the advanced search tools to create one-off custom reports. No need to arrange … Read More

Top tips: online software to make your business hum

One of the big lessons we’ve learned as we’ve grown Fuseworks is that you need every member of the team to be super productive all the time. Not getting things done can have serious consequences for any business – even more so for the ones just starting out. That’s not easy to achieve. Poor systems, inefficient processes, the need to … Read More

2012 -Year in review

When we started Fuseworks we wanted to build a product that delivers insight to all participants in the news cycle. It’s not just for media, or just for PR professionals. It’s a new infrastructure for the entire news ecosystem. Building a new infrastructure for news is a massive and ongoing task. We’ve approached it in stages, working with key industry … Read More

Boost your searches

We’re determined to make surfacing what you need even easier and more effective. So, in this update we’ve got a bunch of search enhancements to do just that. Last year we mentioned we’d changed to a powerful new search engine designed specifically for real-time indexing. While that may not have sounded super exciting to everyone, it opened the door for … Read More

Horticulture NZ Case Study

Spend your time where it counts Monitoring media is essential. But you have more important things to do. Let Fuseworks manage things for you. After more than 25 years in media and public relations, Leigh Catley has seen media monitoring solutions ranging from the good to bad to downright ugly. She tells us why she recommends Fuseworks for communications professionals. … Read More

Help us spread the word

We’re really grateful for your word of mouth recommendations to friends and colleagues, and to say thanks we’ve kicked off a special referral offer. If you know someone who’d be interested in Fuseworks, let us know. We’ll offer them a no obligation 14 day free trial and if they purchase Fuseworks they’ll get a discount and you’ll get a $100 … Read More

Fuseworks coverage more than doubles

The first thing many communications professionals want to understand when we talk to them is what media coverage we offer. They need to be sure they won’t miss anything important. We’ve been adding new sources since we launched in 2010, but it’s only since we started offering our News Analytics product in August that we’ve really put our coverage to … Read More