New reporting tools

Our latest release is heavily focused on customer love in the form of a few much requested features. We’re grateful for all your fantastic suggestions – be sure to keep them coming.

Reporting on the fly*

With Fuseworks there’s no need for crystal ball gazing. Simply use the advanced search tools to create one-off custom reports. No need to arrange keyword monitoring in advance – you can report on anything, anytime.

New HTML report format*

You’ve now got the extra option to get reports directly in the body of an email. HTML reports are smartphone and tablet friendly so they can be checked on the go and easily edited.

Report on custom time periods*

As well as the preset reporting options in folders you can now enter your own dates and export reports for custom periods. This makes it easy to match up your reporting periods or do one off analysis.

Zippy in IE10

To coincide with the Internet Explorer 10 rollout to Windows 7 users, Fuseworks has added support for Microsoft’s latest browser. IE10 loads web pages up to 20% faster – so it’s well worth taking a moment to download the free upgrade.

We’ve also
  • Moved the 7am brief to 8am so you’ll get an extra hour coverage included in all your morning reports.*
  • Prettied up the email notifications and added a ‘see it online’ link to make them even handier to share with others.

As always if there’s a must-have feature you’d like us to prioritise please let us know.

* News analytics features for Media Pro and PR Plus users.