Taming the real-time news cycle

In media and PR the battle is the same – stay on top of and ahead of the stories of the day.  Manage the continuous stream of incoming information.   Separate the signal from the noise.  Don’t miss anything that matters. It’s easier said than done.  Just in New Zealand there are more than 2,000 news articles, press releases and blogs … Read More

News Analytics takes off

Analysis and reporting has been a recurring theme in our conversations with PR and Communications professionals. From the beginning we’ve had big plans and we’ve often been reminded that reporting is the missing piece of the puzzle that will allow Fuseworks to replace traditional media monitoring. So it goes without saying, we’re super pleased with this release… Today, we’re ripping … Read More

If it’s important, it’s online – Fuseworks research

In developing the Fuseworks platform, we’ve talked extensively to communications experts about their media monitoring practices. We’ve listened to a lot of views on the importance of monitoring various media types and we’re hearing that many are choosing to focus their monitoring on digital media because “everything important goes online”. So, exactly how much unique content is published in print … Read More

How not to write a press release

In previous posts, we’ve looked at straightforward ways to improve press releases. But there are also some pitfalls to avoid, some obvious, others not so, that regularly feature in the media releases we see at Fuseworks. So, here’s our top 14 list of things to avoid. Don’t push the product down the reader’s throat. This is a news release not … Read More

New folder analytics and easy email notification

Today’s release includes lots of goodies for your custom folders, including new interactive graphs and filters to visualise the data and surface trends. Interactive graphs The volume graph on Tag and Profile pages now also appears in your custom folders. See at a glance how much content there’s been over time on the topics you’re following. Choose a preset date … Read More

How to write press releases journalists notice

With news media increasingly using press releases as a primary source of information, getting noticed by editorial decision makers has never been more important. Presenting information in a form media can easily and quickly digest can only increase the chance of a release being used for an article. Having read, written and used press releases as source material for many … Read More

Top 10 tips for writing a press release

The shift towards digital news consumption has done nothing to diminish the importance of the press release as an essential public relations tool. If anything, today’s ever-expanding range of digital outlets and devices gives the press release greater reach than ever. Many well-written, newsworthy releases are now published more or less in their original form online. So, it’s worth thinking … Read More

Sharp analytics using filters

It’s release day at Fuseworks and we’re excited to show off the latest phase in our analytics tools. We’ve added a couple of new filters to Profile and Tag pages so you can drill down by content type, source or tag. On Tag pages you can instantly see the most relevant sources and then focus in on content from a … Read More

Fuseworks launches next generation of online PR/comms innovations

The next generation of interactive online media analysis tools for professional communicators, public relations experts and media has today launched on the New Zealand market. From today, subscribers to the Fuseworks platform will have one-click view of the traction issues and topics have achieved with media. “Our new interactive graphs that accompany all content chosen by topic, entity or source, … Read More

Iconic news brand heralds NZ innovation in news gathering

Iconic news brand nzherald.co.nz has deployed a unique New Zealand software tool suite to help its journalists stay ahead of the news cycle. The award-winning nzherald.co.nz news team is now using the Fuseworks Media Centre to help source and create its leading blend of fast breaking and in depth news. Fuseworks co-founder Simon Randall said today: “Having the nzherald.co.nz team … Read More