New features: Profile search and calendar view

Search enhancements

From today, finding the right people to talk to about a story just got easier.

We’ve added a selection drop down to the Fuseworks Search page, so you can now find keywords within ‘Everything’, ‘Articles’, or ‘Profiles’. Profiles provides an instant view of contact information, any related content and a bio (in many cases). In fact, everything you need to decide if a particular person or organisation would make a good source for your story.

Profile results have also been given a different visual style within Search to help them stand out.

More instant context with Calendar view

Click the Calendar icon at the top right of any content list (such as Profiles, topic pages or folders) to see related news plotted on a Calendar. It’s an instant way to visualise what happened when, and to see when a story is hotting up or starting to cool. It’s also a great way to instantly create a story Timeline.

Soon we’ll be adding upcoming diary events to the Calendar, providing you with a view of upcoming story opportunities relating to topics, people, organisations and geographies.

Calendar view