Media monitoring: Deciding what matters most

When people talk to us about media monitoring, the first thing we ask is what most matters to them when selecting a service. The answers vary, sometimes a lot – but there are five reoccurring themes.

These five things that customers want from media monitoring have shaped all the decisions we’ve made when building Fuseworks.

They’re what’s important to us. Are they also what’s important to you?


Anyone who works in the news industry will tell you that timeliness is the most important factor when it comes to news. With our newsroom backgrounds, the team at Fuseworks completely understands this need. Information is filtering through Fuseworks in real time, so we’re always up to date with what’s going on. Not only do we get news stories, but we get the raw PR material that’s released to journalists and newsrooms, so our customers can get a heads-up about something that may become news. With Fuseworks you can follow the news in real-time through the online app, or receive notifications as frequently as makes sense for your organisation.


We’ve found there are both breadth and depth elements to what people need from coverage. Some value comprehensiveness above all else, many others rightly fear drowning in material of little relevance and take a ‘just the important stuff’ approach to their monitoring. The key for Fuseworks is to provide options. Most interested in online? – we have plans for that. Regional and community newspapers important to you? – that’s no problem either, but you’re not forced to opt-in to receive those publications.

Ease of use

Everyone likes things that are easy to use. With media monitoring software, it’s no different. We’re all daunted by software that has a steep learning curve – it should just work! Fuseworks was designed with this in mind. From the user-tested, and continuously optimised design, through to the customer service and support provided, it’s easy to get the hang of using the system. Keyword searches can be edited easily to include or exclude particular results, and anyone using the app can create reports and follow topics without any arbitrary limits. In fact, there are no limits at all on the number of topics you follow, or reports you set up.

Analysis tools

If you want to better analyse media coverage, your media monitoring needs to have a way to analyse coverage, typically by topic and sentiment. The problem with automated sentiment tracking is that it’s not going to be overly accurate because a story that’s positive for one client might not be so positive for another (if someone calls for an increase in marine reserves, you can bet Seafood New Zealand will have a different perspective on the positivity of that than, for example, Greenpeace). Fuseworks solves this problem by giving control back to you, to guide the analysis based on your needs. This way you have full control and be assured that the analysis is more accurate, from the unique perspective of your organisation.


With so many features, Fuseworks gives you massive bang for your buck. Whether you want the full buffet or just some meat and potatoes, there’s a price and a package to suit you. Don’t take our word for it, see what some of our happy customers have to say, or talk to us today about what Fuseworks can offer your business.