✈️ All aboard for international media monitoring


Actually, stay where you are – Fuseworks is bringing the world to you ?

We’ve had lots of people asking for help monitoring international online news sources – and now we’ve got you covered.

That doesn’t mean you’re going to get inundated by overseas news. New Zealand sources are still front and centre.

We’ve made international monitoring an optional add-on, so you’re only going to see international material if that really matters to your organisation.

The foundation of this extra news stream is a curated database of overseas mentions on top international sites, where New Zealand is the focus.

That covers the topical and the quirky – a mirror on ourselves, through the eyes of some of the world’s top journalists and news organisations.

You can use the international monitoring to understand what New Zealand news is resonating globally – or you can request custom topics of your own, to track your brand, organisations, people or topics of interest.

If you only need international news short-term that’s an option too.

To find out more, please drop us a line.