Fuseworks adds NewsRoom_Monitor offering

NewsRoom_Monitor digests are now available to Fuseworks customers. It’s an important development. Here’s why…

We love real-time news. It makes us more connected, more aware of a wider range of issues and events – and yet the gentler pace of periodic and highly filtered news maintains its appeal and its place in the news cycle.

It’s a reality that we’re very aware of at Fuseworks. For everything we’ve gained as the timeliness and availability of news has increased, there’s really no substitute for pushing news through the filter of professional journalism – to validate information and give it an appropriate sense of proportion.

We’ve been big fans of NewsRoom.co.nz for a long time – in part because they played an early and continuing role in the development of Internet based news services in New Zealand and also because products like NewsRoom_Monitor hit a ‘sweet spot’.

NewsRoom_Monitor adds order to a cluttered and sometimes overwhelming news cycle. With the crew at NewsRoom listening to the major bulletins on Radio New Zealand, watching the 6pm news on TV One and TV3, and keeping across daily metros (the New Zealand Herald, Dominion Post and Press) you get an extra set of ears and eyes.

Their daily digests are an efficient and effective way to maintain a speedy view of what’s leading the news, as well as making sure you don’t miss out when a major media organisation shines a light on a topic or organisation you care about.

So… as of today you can access NewsRoom_Monitor digests via Fuseworks – as an excellent companion to the broad based media monitoring that Fuseworks provides.

NewsRoom_Monitor content can be included in your normal automated or manually curated media monitoring reports – perhaps tipping you off to a story you wouldn’t be aware of otherwise and/or helping you to better understand the context of a story’s publication or broadcast (knowing Radio NZ ran a story is one thing – knowing they ran it as their lead story on their noon news bulletin is another).

NewsRoom_Monitor includes daily wraps of:

  • Radio New Zealand 8am Bulletin
  • The New Zealand Herald, The Dominion Post and The Press newspaper (top stories)
  • Radio New Zealand Midday Bulletin
  • TV1 6pm Bulletin (first section)
  • TV3 6pm Bulletin (first section)

NewsRoom_Monitor is a cost effective add-on to your Fuseworks subscription. Contact your account manager today to find out more.