2013 -Year in review

Four years in and building momentum

As we kick off what is sure to be another busy year, we like to review what we’ve accomplished in partnership with our amazing clients in the last twelve months.

We started Fuseworks with the belief that the ways media and communications professionals track and participate in the news cycle could be dramatically improved. We’re now in the fourth year of realising that vision – and we seem to be making solid progress.

For Fuseworks, 2010-2012 was about building a robust infrastructure to surface and present relevant news in real-time and enriched with versatile analytics. We experimented a lot with different ideas and deployed many features that were entirely new to our market.

In 2013 – we evaluated every feature that we’d built and every idea we’d ever received from our customers and charted the next stage of our mission.

We set ourselves the objective of making the whole Fuseworks experience even simpler, even smarter and even more flexible.

A few under used features got dropped as we worked to refine the platform – many more got added or enhanced based on feedback from our customers.

The biggest project we started in 2013 is yet to be released into the wild – a customer led rebuild of the entire front end. We’re really proud of how it’s shaping up and are looking forward to showing it off in the not too distant future.

As for what we released in 2013 – here are some of the highlights:

  • Report on search results
  • Sentiment tracking/tagging
  • New report period options for scheduled reports (5 minutely, 1 hourly, 3 hourly)
  • HTML reports
  • CSV reports
  • Custom report periods
  • Additional report customisation options
  • Email notifications visual refresh
  • More information added to email notifications
  • Filter search results
  • Graphs on search results
  • Added more information to search results
  • Folder management tools
  • Match highlighting
  • Shared folders
  • Content monitored more than doubled (month to month)

Here’s to doing amazing things together in 2014!