MetService Case Study

Jacqui Bridges is General Manager Corporate Affairs at MetService, New Zealand’s national weather authority. “Monitoring will always be vital for us,” says Jacqui, so with more than twenty years experience in communications, she’s thrilled to have found a service she can rely on. Can’t beat local knowledge Fuseworks is proud to be NZ owned and operated. We believe this gives … Read More

Media release best practice: Finding a beautiful, unique lure

Words matter… especially when trying to grab the attention of journalists. The average journalist is inundated with news tips all day, every day. Here’s what the Fuseworks PR newswire looks like on a typical weekday: That’s an average of over 20 releases an hour from 9am-5pm and peaks at more than 30. It makes it just a wee bit tricky … Read More

AVEs, Megafonzies and other silliness

If a measurement is silly nonsense, it should at least be funny silly nonsense. Consider the Megafonzie, the Beard Second (the distance that the average beard hair grows in one second), or my personal favourite, the Banana Equivalent Dose (did you know, to receive the amount of radiation Japan’s Fukushima disaster leaked, you’d have to eat 76 million bananas). AVE … Read More

TV, radio: More, more, more

With the expansion of the team at Fuseworks this year, we’ve ramped up the number of TV and radio digests we’re creating. So now, as well as covering print newspapers, online media and raw PR news, we’ve got radio and TV wrapped up too. And our customers are loving it. Our new bulletin feature shows customers where exactly a story … Read More

2016 – Year in review

What a massive year! 2016 was something of a tipping point for Fuseworks as customer numbers grew and customer requests dominated an extensive product development program. A cluster agreement with national sporting organisations early in the year was followed by a similar deal covering State sector organisations a few months later. Together these agreements, combined with a big jump in … Read More

We’ve built a custom news tracking hub for your organisation

As valuable as timely information is – we find that great comms and information management teams often feel that they’ve created a rod for their own back, in managing the endless stream of media reporting requests. It’s a classic ‘victim of your own success’ problem. The better job you do of getting the right information, in front of the right … Read More

Top tips for supercharging your media analysis

Media monitoring tools often include automated reports to help you visualise and understand coverage. We have a number of these automated analysis reports built into Fuseworks. Sometimes though, you need to delve deeper into the data – and automated reports can fall short. Our approach to helping clients take their media analysis to the next level, has been to provide … Read More

2015 – Year in Review

It feels like we say this every year – but last year was our biggest ever.  More products, more features – and a lot more customers to share them with. After an action packed 2014, when we completely rebuilt the core platform based on a huge amount of customer feedback – we thought 2015 would be a period of consolidation … Read More

New to Fuseworks: Fairfax print newspapers

Rounding out a huge year at Fuseworks, just prior to Christmas we added Fairfax newspapers to our print monitoring package. While we’ve found that most news is online these days that’s less true for small community or regional newspapers, so we made it a priority bring this news into Fuseworks. With both Fairfax and NZME newspaper content now available, we’ve … Read More

NZ On Air Case Study

Allanah Kalafatelis is the Communications Manager at New Zealand On Air, the government broadcast funding agency. She’s in charge of the full range of comms functions; media releases and media liaison, website publishing, social media, publications and stakeholder events. NZ On Air has worked with us since 2015 – having moved to Fuseworks from a well known ( some might say … Read More