Fuseworks adds NewsRoom_Monitor offering

NewsRoom_Monitor digests are now available to Fuseworks customers. It’s an important development. Here’s why… We love real-time news. It makes us more connected, more aware of a wider range of issues and events – and yet the gentler pace of periodic and highly filtered news maintains its appeal and its place in the news cycle. It’s a reality that we’re … Read More

2014 – Year in Review

It’s become a bit of an annual tradition here at Fuseworks to kick off the year with a look at what was achieved in the previous 12 months. We like to think of ourselves as hugely client focused – and for us, 2014 was all about taking what we’ve learned from our brilliant customers and re envisaging Fuseworks with the … Read More

Google Alerts: Free has a price

Being the last to know about something sucks – and if you’re being paid to know, it may even be ‘career limiting’. That’s why reliable and real-time media monitoring matters – and why you shouldn’t be relying on Google Alerts. If you’ve ever been involved in either public relations or media, you probably know about Google Alerts. It’s the grandaddy … Read More

Media monitoring contracts: How to avoid getting locked in

In the last decade media monitoring has evolved continuously to match the pace of change in how news is consumed. There’s just one exception – the contracts used by media monitoring companies haven’t evolved – at least not in the way clients should expect. The average media monitoring contract used in New Zealand is nothing short of a disgrace. We’ve … Read More

Behind the scenes: How Fuseworks works with media

If you want your news to have the widest possible reach, make sure you send it to Fuseworks Media. We often get asked how content from Fuseworks ends up on news websites like Yahoo – or for more information about how journalists use our services. Here’s the scoop … Every day Fuseworks receives hundreds of NZ focused news leads in … Read More

Why pay for media monitoring?

So you’ve decided to monitor media. Good decision. You may be wondering if you can justify paying for it, or should try to rely on free tools. The short answer is that it’s absolutely worth paying for. Here’s why… The cost of free tools ‘Free’ doesn’t necessarily equal ‘rubbish’, but it does invariably mean ‘limited’. Whether the free tools are … Read More

Why do media monitoring?

When we talk to organisations about media monitoring we tend to find people fall into one of two camps. There’s those that believe they couldn’t possibly do their jobs without it – and those that believe ‘yeah, nah – we don’t need that’. There’s a few reasons for the ‘yeah, nah’ response: Small organisations often believe that since they don’t … Read More

Coming soon: The new Fuseworks

UPDATE 22 JANUARY, 2015 – ALL DONE We’re pleased to have completed rolling out the new Fuseworks. There’s no time for sitting back and admiring our handiwork though. We’ve already launched into our next big project – the news distribution tools – so you can also use Fuseworks to put out media releases and other updates. UPDATE DECEMBER 9, 2014 … Read More

Broadcast TV media monitoring – faster, better, cheaper

Like anyone that’s been involved in the communications industry for a few years, I’ve known the frustration that is broadcast TV monitoring. Some time after the broadcast happens you get a little snippet from a traditional media monitoring company, which indicates that a news programme mentioned a topic of interest. You then go through a process to order a transcript, … Read More

2013 -Year in review

Four years in and building momentum As we kick off what is sure to be another busy year, we like to review what we’ve accomplished in partnership with our amazing clients in the last twelve months. We started Fuseworks with the belief that the ways media and communications professionals track and participate in the news cycle could be dramatically improved. … Read More