When you add a media release or news clipping it’s super important the permissions around who can edit and view the item are spot on.

If you’re adding a media release you definitely don’t want it turning up in your reports before you’ve distributed it to the media. The opposite is true if you’re adding news clippings that have already been published. So we’ve created some rules, based on the content type, so you don’t have to worry!

Above the green ‘Create article’ button there’s a message that explains what to expect.

When you click ‘Add media release’ you’ll see:

When you click ‘Add news’ (then either ‘Newspaper clipping’ or ‘Online news’) you’ll see:

  • The permissions are set when you first create the article, so if you change the content type after you’ve saved the article the permissions won’t automatically update.

Sometimes there might be an exception to the rule, so you can override the default permissions if you need to, here’s how:

Step 1 – On any article you’ve added, click on ‘More’ in the footer and choose ‘Grant access’ from the menu.


Step 2 – You’ll also see who the article is already shared it with.


Step 3 – Click ‘Grant access’ and choose whether to allow ‘Read’ or ‘Edit’ functionality from the drop-down, enter the person, team or organisation you want to share your content with and click ‘Create’.


  • You can change ‘Read’ and ‘Edit’ privileges from the ‘Users with access’ tab. Just click ‘Edit’ for the permission you want to change and update in the overlay.
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