You can personalise your reports and media releases by adding an image to the top.

Step 1 – Click to expand ‘Settings’ on the left-hand navigation and click ‘Templates’.

Settings navigation

Step 2 – Click ‘Create new template’ in the grey bar at the bottom, then follow the steps in the ‘Create template’ overlay.


Choose template type – Choose ‘Report’ or ‘Distribution’ from the drop down.


Upload template header – Click ‘Choose file’ to upload the image you want to appear.

  • Your image will appear in the horizontal header area of your report or media release email, so about 80 pixels high is a good size. If the image isn’t full width it will look best if it’s on a white background.

Set name for template – Enter a name for your template, so you can tell what it is when you need to use it.


Step 3 – Click ‘Create’ to save your template

  • If you regularly use the same template, you can set it as the default for new reports or media release distributions (you’ll still have the option to select a different template from the drop down).
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