16 May 2019

We’ve been beavering away to optimise how we manage news behind the new NZ Herald paywall.

Earlier this week we rolled out a bunch of changes to clearly identify affected news and give you some new options.

Paywall stories are a little different than other news in Fuseworks, in that you need an NZH subscription to see the whole story (we’re still indexing the full text in the normal way – so we can surface it for you).

Since not everyone has a subscription, and corporate subscription options aren’t yet available (we hear they’re coming ?) – we’re giving you the ability to include, or exclude NZH paywall news, based on your preference.

The main changes we’ve made are:

Tagging of stories behind the paywall

All NZH paywall stories are identified with [PAYWALL] within the app and in email reports and newsletters.

New report option

When you create a new report, or edit an existing one, you now have an additional option to select – ‘Don’t send news behind a paywall’.​

This lets you tailor what’s included for different audiences. For example, you might want to include paywall news in reports that go to the communications team – but exclude it from reports distributed to the wider organisation.

Currently, this feature will only include/exclude news behind the NZH paywall. Other paywall news (ie: from NBR or NZ Doctor) will still be included in your reports. We’re working to extend the feature to apply to other sources.

New filters

In search and in folders there’s a new option to filter results to show/hide paywall news.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact your Fuseworks account manager.

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