Fuseworks is an news technology and online media analysis company, which is New Zealand owned and has offices in Wellington, Auckland and Hawke's Bay.

We’re dedicated to providing the powerful tools media and communications professionals need to take advantage of the real-time news cycle.

Why Fuseworks?

Fuseworks looks at media monitoring and news creation in a new way. Fuseworks separates the signal from the noise. Doing the heavy lifting to reduce costs and add value along the way.

Our mantra is ‘real-time’ - the speed content is available through Fuseworks is unmatched by any competing service. We release new features every month and often weekly, based on customer feedback.

We work closely with our New Zealand customers to tailor flexible services for their needs. Being NZ based means we’re also best placed to proactively identify new sources of content, which often leads to comments that Fuseworks picks up important material that other services miss.

The technology led nature of Fuseworks has enabled us to create an extremely efficient news tracking and analysis system. As a result our services are not only of the highest quality, but also often quite a bit cheaper.

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